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Jul 17, 2021




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NBA 13 days ago
Will the Suns take game 6? 😲
Brady Stewart
Brady Stewart 6 days ago
Williams Mbadugha
Williams Mbadugha 11 days ago
Series done
Gian Karl Prejan
Gian Karl Prejan 13 days ago
Mystic 13 days ago
KUDO 13 days ago
Yes sun's will take game y
Tactical Toaster
Tactical Toaster 5 hours ago
As a bucks fan eager to see my team make it far for soooo many years, this was probably the greatest game ive ever watched in nba history maybe sports history. I wanted this so bad and when we came back from the 0-2 deficit all I could think about was game 5 in phoenix. I wanted to prove all the haters we can do something special. And the blocks, the effort, the comeback from the 1st quarter were just things to add to make this even more special. And to top it all off i got to see one of the best defensive plays in nba history. The steal from the guy who went through alot, had his wife had cancer, didnt know if his daughter would live, steal that ball from booker the guy being titled the next kobe and do an amazing alley oop to the kid from athens greece who has nothing growing up. It was as if this was the moment theyve been waiting for there whole career or even life. I never listened to the fans who said the suns won the finals after going up by 2 in the series, and this game was the closer. I knew we won the finals after this game. This game was a relief, it showed the strength of the underdog. We did it milwaukee. We did it.
Kid Mamba
Kid Mamba 9 hours ago
Giannis' Alley Oop Dunk is Crazy!
1 John 1:9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Matthew 6:6 But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
Watching Giannis at the rim will have you flexing all series. Big arms.. Lil arms. You will be flexing. 😂
You-_-Salty 3 days ago
Lebron James had the last laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
We gonna call this game the Rally in the Valley in Milwaukee.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 6 days ago
Like Giannis said I airballed 2 fts in Oklahoma, I airballed shots in game 7, I got crossed over, I been dunked on...I been all over the place..but I keep coming
Stone Wilks
Stone Wilks 6 days ago
Choke job!
R Littlejohn
R Littlejohn 6 days ago
Suns had every chance. Devin should have taken the 3.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 6 days ago
goat if he continues to play at this level
James Allen
James Allen 7 days ago
walterlv01 8 days ago
It will probably be lost to history because of Giannis' iconic performance in the clincher but this to me was one of the greatest NBA Finals games I have ever seen. Both teams played great at the same time with control of the series at stake and the refs didn't get in the middle of it.
Brady Stewart
Brady Stewart 8 days ago
0:12 Dang Crowder Traveled like a Moe-Foe right there.
Eric daniels Benavidez
Damm!! that alley oop with the foul at the end was instant death for phoniex!
itsgrannydude 9 days ago
8:45 best part of the game🔥
Manuel Ramirez
Manuel Ramirez 9 days ago
Big T’ s Shack festival
Marv Albert may not only be the greatest b ball announcer, but announcer period. He’s been doing it so long too, people don’t realize how good he is. He’s one of the only announcers that can enhance the game instead of getting in the way.
Jerome Barrientos
Mga bubu suns
Mahir Abdullah Mahmood
Lmaooo fuck CP3 he rlly tried to injure Giannis on that last dunk attempt. This is why I'm happy he lost, he's such a sore loser and will never win a MF ring. Dbook was hooping tho all respect.
JaishlPlays 10 days ago
Luckily for PJ Tucker, he went to the Bucks, he hasn't chamed the Rockets even once ... 🥲
Liam G
Liam G 10 days ago
I don't want to hear people use the "injury card" with this Bucks team winning the title. You can talk about all sorts of past teams who were fortuitous on their road to a championship, nor do people have any idea how other teams would have played with healthy rosters. Including the Nets. Oh...and btw, Milwaukee didn't have their starting 2G the entire playoffs and he was a significant contributor, especially defensively. Now, let's talk about Giannis. This was the best individual performance in an NBA Finals close-out game since Magic in 1980. It was also the best overall Finals performance since Wade in 2006. He deserves all the credit and every accolade thrown his way. And I'll tell you something else: the floodgates could open. I fully expect him to continue to improve his jumper and mentally figure out his free throws like he did tonight. His overall athleticism and his ability to play both ends of the floor is something we have never seen at his size and probably never will again. Tremendous win for the Bucks, the city of Milwaukee, and the state of Wisconsin.
Zach Zach Zach
Zach Zach Zach 6 days ago
Giannis was spectacular and I agree that it should never be the Bucks’ ‘fault’ for staying healthy. They got the job done. I mean that nets team with KD, Harden, & Kyrie should not have even been a thing in the first place in my opinion 😂
Words of Wizdom
Words of Wizdom 10 days ago
8:22 cp3 should have gotten a foul shot on that play and a chance to tie the game
Kobe Walters-Jones
Kobe Walters-Jones 10 days ago
Giannis finna be cold af on 2k now🥶.
Kobe Walters-Jones
Kobe Walters-Jones 10 days ago
@Young Dab ong when he was on fire he would jus pass yo ass up!!😂🗣💯🔥
Young Dab
Young Dab 10 days ago
He was already cold 🥶 since 2k18
Words of Wizdom
Words of Wizdom 10 days ago
3:56-4:05 holiday put the dagger in thier heart
Words of Wizdom
Words of Wizdom 10 days ago
Giannis is a straight beast! 50 pts in a nba finals close out game!? Not a single other player on his team even scored 20. There are only 48 minutes in a game. He scored just over a point a minute. He is so skilled and crafty for a big man too. I'm not a bucks fan at all not even close, and this is not recency bias... Giannis has a shot at becoming the goat if he continues to play at this level
soolly 357
soolly 357 10 days ago
Alex Gerzon
Alex Gerzon 10 days ago
i like the cactus
malcolm forest 92
malcolm forest 92 10 days ago
Wow I can't believe PHX blew a 2-0 lead . Congrats Bucks 👍
CelioRocha Dias
CelioRocha Dias 10 days ago
I'm a new Yorker but watching Milwaukee's Bucks win 2021NBA Finals was the best feeling I ever had.
Christopher 10 days ago
Werewolf Gaming
Werewolf Gaming 10 days ago
Bucks champs!
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln 10 days ago
Matthew Velazquez
Matthew Velazquez 10 days ago
LFG bucks
Kurt russelle Khali?
Hahaha Phoenix put Milwaukee in 2 0 but then is 4 2 ,huge respect to giannis 50 pts nba finals.
Waylon Sandoval
Waylon Sandoval 10 days ago
Eugene Motes
Eugene Motes 10 days ago
Move Over LeBron James 😂 The New King Of The NBA Has Emerged Giannis aka The Greek Nigerian Freak 🇬🇷 👊
TheBatugan77 10 days ago
And the Suns slowly sink in the west. 🌇 🌆
Mark Peoples
Mark Peoples 10 days ago
I can’t believe this bs everybody jus want to dribble the ball smh
TheBatugan77 10 days ago
You dribble when you talk, junior.
Mark Peoples
Mark Peoples 10 days ago
Retire please Chris Paul u ain’t itttts
Jacob Garcia
Jacob Garcia 10 days ago
Is it me or do the time outs seem extra long, I'm watching 3 mins of commercials. How long are the time outs suppose to be in the NBA?
Arley D. Washington
Announcers are both haters..!!
jason shink
jason shink 10 days ago
Why wouldn't they go to a hack a giannis strategy
jason shink
jason shink 9 days ago
@Young Dab my point was try it...it didn't work just letting him score 50 bc the sun's are garbage at defense. Giannis was 4-8 one game...4-11 another and 11-18 in another. I'm not doing calculations but that's absolutely horrible percentage thuse games and worthy of atkeast trying a hack a giannis. Didn't watch bc I don't have cable
jason shink
jason shink 9 days ago
@Young Dab no I didn't watch it honestly...I just seen the highlights and him missing the final two free throws he took in game 5 to almost loose the game for them.
Young Dab
Young Dab 9 days ago
@jason shink Did you not watch game 6 of the Finals?? Giannis went 17-19 from the free-throw line (89.5%) that's why they don't hack a Giannis.
jason shink
jason shink 9 days ago
@Young Dab no shit...I said they should the guy is great at every thing except free throws....why wouldn't you hack him make him make shits down the stretch like they did to shaq
Young Dab
Young Dab 10 days ago
There's never been a such as a "hack a Giannis"
Joshua Perez
Joshua Perez 10 days ago
Pelicans in 6 2024-25 season I’m calling it
Young Dab
Young Dab 10 days ago
Milliuake in 5, next year
DBSaucce !
DBSaucce ! 10 days ago
Bucks won the finals:(
Steve- B
Steve- B 10 days ago
the sun coach should have told them to take time out
lushin burl
lushin burl 10 days ago
Nervous Nancy at the end there. I mean Giannis.
Nick C
Nick C 10 days ago
I never noticed how many sound effects are being used while the game is going back and forth. Really sounds annoying!
TheBatugan77 10 days ago
Too many fans with ADD.
the one and only ActionStar
Jack foster is the ref. Cp3 is 12-0 in the post season if jack foster is the ref. Lol. Game 6 13-0 for sure
Jp69 10 days ago
I get strong lance Stephenson vibes from Bobby portis jr.
M3 MAX 10 days ago
Angelica Lopez
Angelica Lopez 10 days ago
Bucks in 6
the one and only ActionStar
Lopez will have a good game 6 for sure
miopera40 10 days ago
Holiday played some basketball in both ends that need to be included in the books for those learning, we don't see stuff like this often since Leonard started with the injuries
R A 10 days ago
Chris Paul with that bullshit foul on the alley. Should have been called a flagrant. I really want Bucks to win just to keep Paul from getting a ring.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 10 days ago
V.E.N.U.S 10 days ago
Let's go! Suns
Arvin john Jarito
Arvin john Jarito 10 days ago
I love jrue holiday athletism for every game. Very agressive in offence and defence .. But giannis deserve for his first NBA title for past decade. Lets go bucks for game 6
Steven Poynter
Steven Poynter 10 days ago
You blind if you think Giannis was fouled on that OOP. That was blatant
Kade L
Kade L 10 days ago
Chris Paul is a slimly fuck
ReTim 10 days ago
Isn’t there another COVID strain out?
Blacksmith Fam
Blacksmith Fam 10 days ago
I love NDA
Zaily Waffer
Zaily Waffer 10 days ago
Suns in 7
eric 10 days ago
That steal and alle-oop shutting the fans up was so satisfying they were taunting giannis that whole game glad he got the last laugh, shows for every action their is an equal and opposite reaction
Lyndon Johnson
Lyndon Johnson 10 days ago
Is the croud chanting defense? It's a scoring game, to see what defense looks like, you have to watch some ole school NBA....
ibrahim konare
ibrahim konare 10 days ago
This nigga cannot shoot a pair of freethrows to save his life ………
TheBatugan77 10 days ago
Mark Borr
Mark Borr 10 days ago
And that folks is why devin booker is nothing like kobe. So stop comparing him to kobe 🤦
TheBatugan77 10 days ago
MG-Duck-Sauce 10 days ago
This series reminds me of the 2008 finals.
Deon Mckillion
Deon Mckillion 10 days ago
The Suns will most definitely in game 6
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez 10 days ago
I don't know about that. If Suns play game 6 like they did in the 4th quarter in game 5, they have a shot using passing and ball movement. When Suns played team ball, it took pressure off Booker from carrying his team, and Bucks couldn't focus solely on taking Booker out of game with physical play to keep him from scoring, since refs let the Bucks play. Having said that, Booker needs to use double pivot moves to protect the ball if he's gonna drive into a crowd of players. I love watching the kid but he has to know his limitations.
Philip Callado
Philip Callado 10 days ago
Both teams deserve this title. Phoenix with CP3 finally getting one and Booker choosing to stay instead of joining forces with other stars, and Milwaukee with Giannis also choosing to stay. Both Well coached with high character stars.
Jake Feeney
Jake Feeney 10 days ago
Cp3 with one of the dirtiest fouls ever
David Britt Affiliates
The World's Best Champagne for Me and My Party Please, would that be all? And some goggles
R V Vinayak
R V Vinayak 10 days ago
can someone tell me how many more games are left? I'm new to NBA so I'm a bit confused.
TheBatugan77 10 days ago
22. At least.
stragi 10 days ago
too bad the suns have to play against the refs and the bucks
TheBatugan77 10 days ago
Too bad you're a pantywaist pissant.
stragi 10 days ago
Scott Foster is going to be the Bucks MVP tonight.
Tony Garcia
Tony Garcia 10 days ago
Am Utah jazz fan but rather see Bucks Win Chris Paul thinks he’s he shit he sucks
Ballerz24 10 days ago
I been saying it since the start Bucks in 7!
Will Mooney
Will Mooney 10 days ago
Nowell Ona
Nowell Ona 10 days ago
The problem with Sun's is that they play like a regular season! Nobody's boxing out! Need to be physical... Bang them out of the paint! This is the CHAMPIONSHIP .. No one should be able to shoot inside the paint!!!
Killer Bee
Killer Bee 10 days ago
Kendall's giving Devin Booger a baby is in jeopardy!
MonkeyXGodz 10 days ago
God bless❤️
Royce's Rant
Royce's Rant 10 days ago
Gannis gotta hit those free throws
Aaron John Basilio
Aaron John Basilio 10 days ago
New Era
condor5150 10 days ago
The suns took out my Clips! so Go Bucks!
Don Horens
Don Horens 10 days ago
Monshur Aliyana
Monshur Aliyana 10 days ago
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Robert Hubbard
Robert Hubbard 10 days ago
fuck off
Justin Edwards
Justin Edwards 10 days ago
I will not feel sorry for Chris Paul if he loses.. Giannis, Middleton, and holiday are playing like a true championship team.. and mark my words once Giannis has his first ring... it will not be his last one...
Joseph Vernon
Joseph Vernon 10 days ago
bro obviously both teams have to work hard for this championship, but i’m still gonna place an asterisk because they didn’t face competition. bucks faces the only strong team in the east, injured. Suns faced injured clippers, very injured lakers, but they beat the jazz pretty fairly
Please Crease
Please Crease 10 days ago
Chris Paul, Jake Paul, Logan Paul, Tacko fall doesn't matter Bucks in 6
Animeow TV
Animeow TV 10 days ago
Sean Andrei Blanca
Sean Andrei Blanca 10 days ago
Justin Credible
Justin Credible 10 days ago
It'd be nice to see a small market team win a championship
YOO 10 days ago
Booker does have the talent but doesn't have the spirit. I guess.
YOO 10 days ago
Holiday is Gianni's Kyrie.
Steve Dudeman
Steve Dudeman 10 days ago
Booker grabs at Holiday's legs after the steal to try to trip him. Then, CP3 goes for Giannis' mid section on the alley oop. Keep it classy Phoenix!
ALUCARD × DRACULA 10 days ago
Go Milwaukee
Marephel Irish Basco
Go bucks
ARY 10 days ago
Am rooting for d Suns but I think Bucks have come of age to win game 6. Suns still in the learning process stage esp for Booker, am sad, which can't be short cut!